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Psychological assessments are effective ways to provide accurate diagnoses, assess problem areas and areas of strength, provide effective and client-specific recommendations. Assessments help inform and guide treatment. Psychological assessments typically consist of a comprehensive clinical interview, behavioral observations, school and medical history, and the administrations of norm-referenced psychological tests.  The standardized psychological tests that I administer measure overall intelligence, domain-specific cognitive abilities, learning difficulties, giftedness, memory assessment, and ADHD testing.

Additionally, I administer personality assessments to evaluate character traits, interpersonal skills, and relationship style. Personality assessments provide information about an individual’s way of being.

Psychological testing often requires several hours to complete. Testing may be face-to-face, paper-pencil, or administered via electronic medium (i.e., computer).  Fees for testing depend on the type of test administered.  Prior to beginning any assessment, I will provide you with an estimate of the hours and expected fee. For all testing, a 50% deposit of the full testing fee is required before testing begins. The remaining balance will be due at the conclusion of the assessment, during the feedback session.