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Individual Therapy

What to expect in your first session. In the first session we will discuss why you are seeking treatment, explore your treatment goals and begin to devise a treatment plan.  Additionally, I will ask you about your current symptoms and gather information pertaining to your past and current personal history. I encourage you to ask questions and to be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. Session frequency varies, however weekly sessions are typical at the onset of treatment.

Couples Therapy

Couples or marital therapy offers support to individuals in relationships. Common concerns addressed include: communication problems, sexual dissatisfaction, improved understanding, and conflict resolution. Each partner should expect to also focus on self-improvement and self-awareness.

Premarital counseling also provided.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides treatment in a format consisting of one therapist and between five to twelve clients with related concerns. Group sessions are typically longer than individual sessions, approximately 90 minutes in length. Group sessions offer the opportunity for clients to interact with others with similar issues in a safe, supportive environment.

Family Therapy

Family therapy views an individual’s concerns as taking place within the larger context of the family. Family therapy may include parents, siblings, and extended family members. ¬†Family therapy can be used to resolve a specific issue, address the role that family plays in an individual’s life, and prepare the family for a significant life event (i.e., divorce).

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